A New Way Of Storytelling

Dive into an adult 3D Illustrated world with twists and turns, character development, realistic setting and obviously the most beautiful of girls doing the dirtiest things.

Experience the World Of Leah in a real time environment on social media (Twitter) and observe the girls private- and public life from a third perspective or if you’re lucky, these girls will have a chat with you!

Fictional Characters
Coming To Life

Each character has a deep personality with strengths and flaws, values and dreams, kinks and turn-offs – all acted out by a real person.

With more than 10 different girls, the story offers enough diversity to please most kinks you come across – however the biggest focus lies on cock-worship.

Wish these girls were real? They are as real as you let them be! They all have their personal real Twitter account in which they post pictures about their daily lives or about events and happenings within the world.

They also chat with each other or would even chat with you if you say hello on Twitter! 

A Digital Theater

The World Of Leah Discord Server provides the community a place to gather, chat and be lewd while you can follow this project or the girls themselves on Twitter to stay up-to-date!

The world building aspect is of course just the tip of the iceberg!

As a Patron, you’ll gain access to all the lewd things! Meaning massive albums ranging from 50-150 pictures which are all crafted to make you cum!

The personal relation you’ll build up over time with these girls through observing and getting to know them will bring the 3DX experience to a whole new level!

The World Of Leah

The story…

plays in college in which a mysterious stranger with an enormous dick started drilling holes into some of the girl-dorms. Obviously everyone is freaking out about it, but one girl after the other becomes curious about this mysterious dick, slowly converting them to dick-loving college-sluts!
At least that’s the main plot.
There are other side-stories going on of girls who are getting more curious than before with their boyfriends or girls who get paid money for filthy images!

 very keen about this storyline and value a deep character development, meaning all the girls have their own personality and style – and not every one of them is naughty from the start but first has to be shown the beauty of dick!

 you see, this whole project focuses on exactly this beauty of dick! I personally think there are not enough creators out there who focus on big-cock worship but I’m happy to fill this gap!

Kinks you can expect to find here:

  • Big Cocks (Not super unrealistically big, though)
  • Cock Worship (Lots of it)
  • Teasing (I love to blue-ball and the girls love it too!)
  • Lots of foreplay (You can also call it dickplay)
  • College Girls (18+ duh! Including Slutty ones, cute ones, dominant ones, curious ones, innocent ones and not to forget a streamer girl t.h.o.t)
  • Both dominant and submissive females. (That goes for males as well)
  • Cum. 
  • A Progressive Storyline (10 albums to this date!)

As a Patron supporter…
you’ll get tons of benefits, the most popular being my pictures in 4k resolution (inbetween 3840×2160 – 3840×3840 pixel) so you can zoom in and enjoy the filth in any framing you like! There are over 100 pics (soon to be over 200) in 4k that you can unlock for just $3 – or pay only $1 to access it all – but in lower resolution!

Other popular rewards are preview images for upcoming albums, extra images from alternative perspectives in 4k or if you want to go the extra mile, you can become an early access Patron and unlock new albums 7 days early AND get the first half of the album as soon as its rendered out, cutting the waiting time for new content in half!
Besides those choices, there are a lot more rewards! Check out the Tiers on the side-panel to see what you can expect! Oh and every Patreon gets a “Loyalty Reward” at the beginning of each month as a thank you for being a continuous backer! These rewards are dynamic and can be something different each time!

My Patreon…
is made to finance the project fully! Working with DAZ is generally free but all the assets, be it character models, props, rooms, environments, etc. come with a hefty price and the more content I want to create, the more assets I need to buy.
I kick-started this project out of my own pocket but I need support from the outside to be able to continue doing so!
Besides all the assets, I also plan to use Patreon fundings to safe up for a decent workstation as my current PC isn’t the greatest for this kind of work. Rendering a single picture can take up to 4 hours so I’d be able to work a lot quicker and produce a lot more if I had a decent machine for it.

The Patron-Exclusive Discord…
is where you can connect with the community and myself! In my early days I used Discord exclusively to share the rewards, but by now you can access them on my Patreon page just as much. The only difference being that I am more active on Discord and for example previews and the such being posted on my Discord might arrive a few days later in bulk on Patreon. So if you want to stay up-to-date feel free to join, but you won’t miss out anything by not doing so!

I’m always trying my best to satisfy everyone who pledges, you guys are enabling me to do all of this and my long-term goal is to make this project my full-time job. This would be a dream come true and would enable me to create so much more content and I’d also have the time to work on animations!
So please, share no second thought of contacting me via Discord if you have any troubles or questions, I’m checking for new messages multiple times a day!
My Discord name: World Of Leah#4751

Visit my Patreon page and have a look yourself: https://www.patreon.com/WorldOfLeah

Disclaimer: I’d advise not to subscribe to my Patreon at the end of a month. That’s because you’ll be charged upfront and then again at the first of each month. Meaning if you subscribe for $5 at the 30th, you’ll be charged again at the 1st.
Of course you can do as you like, but I thought I’d put this up as a fair disclaimer!

Follower Tier

Every dollar counts!
$ 1 Monthly
  • Unlock all albums in 1280px resolution!
  • Loyalty Reward! Every Patron gets a reward at the 2nd of each month as a thanks for the continuous pledge! This goody can be small albums or special content that varies every month!
  • Story content! Follow the girls social media posts and immerse yourself more into the World Of Leah!
  • Access to unreleased or non-canon pictures when available
  • Behind the Scenes Posts
  • Supporters Chat, Discussion and Surveys

Follower Tier

Images in 4K? I got you!
$ 3 Monthly
  • All rewards of the previous Tier!
  • High-Res Images. You get all my content in 4k!

Supporter Tier

That's a lot of extras!
$ 5 Monthly
  • All rewards of the previous Tiers!
  • Album Extras. Get access to additional pictures that didn't make it into the story album.
  • Preview Images on WIP Renders

Early Access Tier

Feeling generous? Get early access!
$ 9 Monthly
  • All rewards of the previous Tiers!
  • Early access to Story Albums! See the pics days before official release!
  • First-half Release: As soon as the first half of an album is rendered, you'll gain access to those pictures! For Example: If an album ends up with approx. 30 images, you'll get to see the first ~15 images way before founder-tier release!
Early Access