What is the World Of Leah?

The World Of Leah is a passion project of mine that I started in late 2019. I enjoyed 3DX (3D Porn) content for years but wanted to start my own little project to bring a some new ideas into the space.
Since summer 2020 I’m working on this project full time as all the support I receive on Patreon made it possible for me to make this hobby into my job!
My idea was to create an alternative reality (world building) with returning characters who are all connected with each other.

If you want to know more about the story and what happened since it all began, make sure to check out the Timeline!
The story plays in a fictional college town and is supposed to feel like events in it happen in “real life”.

The way I’m trying to do this is by giving each character their own Twitter Accounts that everyone can freely follow. They’ll regularly post stuff on there making it feel like they’re living their own ordinary lives. This is part of how the story is told: In an interactive way.
The other (Patron exclusive) part are obviously the 3DX (3D Porn) albums. I release monthly albums of 50-60 pics each in 4k resolution. These albums each tell a little story which is going lewd in many ways.

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A New Way Of 3DX story telling

Dive into an adult 3D Illustrated world with twists and turns, character development, realistic setting and obviously the most beautiful of girls doing the dirtiest things.

Experience the World Of Leah in a real time environment on social media (Twitter) and observe the girls private- and public life from a third perspective or if you’re lucky, these girls will have a chat with you!

Fictional Characters
Coming To Life

Each character has a deep personality with strengths and flaws, values and dreams, kinks and turn-offs – all acted out by a real person.

With more than 10 different girls, the story offers enough diversity to please a lot of kinks you come across – however the biggest focus lies on cock-worship.

Wish these girls were real? They are as real as you let them be! They all have their personal real Twitter accounts in which they post pictures about their daily lives or about events and happenings within the world.

They also chat with each other or would even chat with you if you say hello on Twitter! 

A Digital Theater

The World Of Leah Discord Server provides the community a place to gather, chat and be lewd while you can follow this project or the girls themselves on Twitter to stay up-to-date!

The world building aspect is of course just the tip of the iceberg!

As a Patron, you’ll gain access to all the lewd things! Meaning albums ranging from 50-150 pictures which are all crafted to make you cum!

The personal relation you’ll build up over time with these girls through observing and getting to know them will bring the 3DX experience to a whole new level!

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