Meet the Characters

All the girls of my story in one place! Read about their personalities and backgrounds to get yourself immersed into the World Of Leah!

Leah Benneth (19 y/o)

Leah is a charming young woman with high values and self worth. She always tries to do the right thing and tends to follow her moral compass even if it makes her stubborn in a lot of situations. She cares a lot about her family and friends and always tries to be there for anyone who needs an ear.

The Heirwood Dongler

Not much is known about the so called "Heirwood Dongler". He is known to drill holes into various places in the Heirwood College and placing his genitals through said holes. His intentions are unclear but given the extraordinary size of his penis, it is likely that he does it for either fame or to impress or shock students.

Kendall Greene (19 y/o)

Kendall Greene has a very opportunistic personality which often leads to dispute with her friends. She rarely takes things seriously and tends to ignore any negative feedback she gets. Besides this obvious personality flaw, she can still be good companion as she is very charismatic and often shows a lot of humor through her quirkiness. She loves live-streaming games and the attention she gets from her male followers.

Kira Takeuchi (18)

Kira has an impulsive and vivid personality that she directly projects on her style of clothing and hair. She's a very outgoing and extroverted person who doesn't shy away from being the center of attention. Friends love her because her energy is infectious, although her hype mentality can become tiresome after a while.

Violet Robbins (21)

Violet's appearance can be intimidating at first as her height and statue emits dominance. She prefers to be around guys, as girls are too much drama for her. While she acts tough and often edgy, she also has a heart for people who are different or outsiders.

Annabelle Parker (22)

After college, Annabelle works part-time for a model agency in Heirwood Falls. Her dream: Becoming a supermodel and creating her own clothes brand. Her looks and elegance made her appear quite arrogant while it is quite the opposite of who she is.

Alana Schneider (19)

Alana is a exemplary student and a teachers favorite. She grew up religiously and tries her best to be a "good girl". However, some students believe that this is only an act of her to appear innocent and make professors like her. Most of her friends like her because she is very popular in college and has a successful boyfriend.

Steven Grant (19)

The only thing missing to make Steven the perfect nerd, are glasses. He loves games and movies, especially Sci-Fi- or Fantasy themed, studies IT and avoids parties at all cost. He seems to be a lot more comfortable around girls than other guys, especially if they like videogames as well - the perfect guy for a friend-zone.

Melanie Clark (18)

Melanie is the kind of introvert who would go to a party just be on her phone, pretending to be busy, or actually looking at memes. If you'd get to know her, you'd find out that she has a very flat but hilarious humor, loves gaming, has a fable for memes and generally doesn't care much of what happens around her, as long as people don't bother her.

Annie Dillard (19)

Annie is relatively new to town as she was moving in for college from the countryside. She spends most of her free time outside in the park or travels back home at the weekends. She is a generally caring person but tries to avoid conflict or getting involved in any drama. If people need something from her, she does her best to help out.

Dustin Schneider (21)

Dustin has a tough-guy attitude and often shows aggressive behavior out of helplessness. It doesn't help that his sister, Alana, is contrary of him, one of the most popular girls in college. People who get to know him realize soon, that behind his attitude is a soft and vulnerable guy.