Gloryhole Obsession


Kendall can’t stop herself from collaborating with the Heirwood Dongler and earning a lot of cash from her side-business. The Dongler drilled a second glory hole into her room, right next to her bed. This gives Kendall much more opportunities to please the Donglers humongous penis. This time Kendall enjoys herself even more and tries to fit this monstrous dick into her pussy. It’s definitely a tight fit, however that doesn’t stop her from trying – even if that fails, she’s definitely experienced enough to know how to make this cock cum with her hands and get herself covered in cum having a one-man bukkake.

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NOTE: This is a legacy album (From the early days, before I reworked my characters) and it doesn’t include text.

So the quality of this album is not be able to hold up with later albums. But the lower resolution version is free!

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  • 19 images in 4k resolution
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