Art Of Submission


Annabelle got contacted by a new local adult magazine for a (well paying) photoshoot with a very sexual theme. The magazine wants the photo-shoot to portrait the contrast between the two extremes of femininity and masculinity. (Meaning a very feminine Model (Annabelle) being confronted with huge cocks.)

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Art Of Submission is a playful aesthetic album featuring Annabelle Parker, Darius Talley and Jake Hillberg. What makes this album special is it’s different themes. As one of the few albums without dialogue, Art Of Submission tells it’s story in a sequence of themes each with different foci.

  1. Purity – Annabelle in her purest form posing in front of the camera.
  2. Temptation – Annabelle gets tempted via close contact to both men.
  3. Seduction – The first light touches. Annabelle get’s to feel the enormous cocks she was tempted with.
  4. Sensation – Foreplay. Annabelle gets to play with both cocks and gets a treat herself.
  5. Submission – Sex in various poses.
  6. Release – Annabelle milks both cocks ending the album with a huge mess.


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