Kendall's Secret 1 & 2


College student and gamer girl Kendall Greene would do anything for money. When an anonymous male calling himself “The Heirwood Dongler” started drilling holes in multiple areas in the Heirwood College Campus, using it as a public glory hole for himself, people were shocked. One of said holes appeared in Kendall Greene’s dorm room. Not soon after people noticed a dick coming out of this hole in one of Kendall’s live streams, she quickly took advantage of this opportunity and started a photoshoot – posing and messing with this impressively-sized cock.

This album is free!

NOTE: This is a legacy album (From the early days, before I reworked my characters) and it doesn’t include text.

So the quality of this album is not be able to hold up with later albums. But you can download it for free!


  • 27 images in 4k resolution


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