Milking Dustin


Violet and Dustin are a wild couple. Dustin is the classic hard-ass guy and Violet a dominant personality to begin with. Dustin tends to show a very protective and especially jealous side every time Violet talks or interacts with other guys. While intense jealousy could be a problem in a relationship, Violet loves to drive Dustin crazy and enjoys playing one or the other game with him. But at the end of the day she appreciates him as she’s the only one who gets to see his soft side. Tonight she plans to reward him with some lube and… a milking table.

This album is free!

NOTE: This is a legacy album (From the early days, before I reworked my characters) and it doesn’t include text.

So the quality of this album is not be able to hold up with later albums. But it’s free!


  • 14 images in 4k resolution


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