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Apartment: Kendall Greene & The Dongler

Kendall Greene’s & the Dongler’s shared flat in Heirwood Falls. So far, Kendall has only revealed her bed- and living room to the public.

Her bedroom is her personal space. She uses it for gaming, live-streaming and also for photo shoots with the Dongler. 

They’ve built a wooden glory hole for the Dongler to use into the front left door which connects to the Donglers private room.

The living room was renovated in early 2021 and is used for recreational purposes and houses the complete Dildo collection of Kendall.

Kendall also uses their living room for live-streams which require more space than her bedroom. 

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Girls Dorm: Leah Benneth, Lily Walker, Kira Takeuchi

Leah, Lily and Kira share one relatively small dorm room with each other. While there is not a lot of personal space, the three get along relatively well.

However, since Lily moved in, it has become a little bit more cramped as she brought her gaming and streaming equipment with her. 

This sometimes leads to some complications – especially if Lily streams at night and the girls want to sleep.

Leah sleeps on the top left bunk bed, Kira on the bottom left and Lily on the top right.

However, it was not always this way. In early 2020, Kira asked Leah if they could switch beds, which Leah agreed to, even if Kira’s reasoning was cryptic. 

What nobody knew was that Kira had a secret: The Dongler drilled a hole into the wall and used to visit Kira a couple of times. Leah would freak out if she knew, which is why Kira tries to cover the hole at all times.

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Girls Dorm: Alana Schneider

Alana’s room has gone through several minor renovations. In late 2019, Alana and Kendall used to live in this dorm room together. 

This started to change when the Dongler made his first appearance through a hole on the left side of this room. 

This is how Kendall and the Dongler originally met.

When it happened, Alana moved into Annie & Melanies dorm room for a couple of months until Kendall moved out into her new apartment with the Dongler.

When she moved back, she renovated the place, moved in more personal things and switched Kendall’s bed to a couch.

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Apartment: Melanie Clark

This is Melanies room at her parents house. She constantly switched between it and the dorm room she shares with Annie. 

Her parents house is located relatively close to the college which makes it easy for her to travel between places. 

Given Melanies introverted nature, she simply prefers to have her own room – but also don’t want to miss out to live directly in the girls dorm for convenience purposes.

Her gaming setup at her parents house is far superior to that in her dorm room. She has a high-end computer featuring a full set of 3 displays and a comfy gaming chair.

On top of that she has two consoles and a large TV for a more relaxed gaming experience for up to two players.

Her parents house is neighbors to Steven’s parents house, which made them become friends in their childhood and still have them often hang out together.

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Girls Dorm: Annie Dillard & Melanie Clark

Annie Dillard and Melanie Clark share a dorm room together, although it’s mostly Annie who’s actually living in it. 

While Annie and Melanie get along well, they don’t have a lot in common besides their shared room. 

Melanie constantly travels between her dorm room and her room at her parents house as they live relatively close to college.


The gaming setup is owned by Melanie and never used by Annie. She instead owns a laptop for her studies and is rather uninterested in gaming overall.

In exchange, Annie owns a make-up table on the opposite side of the room (out of frame).

If Melanie sleeps in her dorm room, both girls share a bunk bed with each other with the bottom bed being Annies.

Apartment: Violet Robbins & Dustin Schneider

Violet Robbins and Dustin Schneider live together in a tiny flat in downtown Heirwood Falls.

In contrast to Violets rebellious appearance, she prefers to keep her private space relatively clean and contemporary.


Dustin moved in with Violet in mid 2020 after he got kicked out of his parents house a couple of times.


Apartment: Allison Mandoza

While Allison still struggles to support herself financially, she is lucky to know some people who do. Currently she is living with a friend in downtown Heirwood Falls who she used to go to school with.


Allison is trying her best to finance her own apartment in the near future. While she doesn’t have a full-time job, she’s juggling two side-jobs. A cashier job at a car wash from Tuesday to Thursdays and another one in a night club at the weekends.


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