The chronological Timeline

  • We are in the wonderful fictional city of Heirwood Falls, Humboldt Country, California, USA.
  • Nothing irregular has happened so far.
  • Students are visiting the Heirwood College.
  • A lot of College Freshmen started college this year.

25th of October 2019

  • Someone drilled a hole through a wall in one of the Heirwood College hallways. Reason's unknown.

Read more 26th of October 2019

  • In a livestream of Kendall Greene, viewers noticed a black dot in the background of her room.


  • People were tweeting and speculating that it's another hole in a wall that magically appeared.
  • Kendall addressed the hole but couldn't explain how it got there. She thinks she and her roommate Alana just haven't noticed so far

27th of October 2019

  • Steven Grant rewatched Kendalls livestream and found an object that was either laying in front of that hole or was coming out of that hole that wasn't there before.
  • Another Twitter discussion broke loose and students started to get scared. Kendall's real feelings towards the situation are hard to determine as she tries to play the situation down.
  • Alana got so freaked out about the situation that she'll spend the nights in Annie Dillards room.

28th of October 2019

  • In Kendall's live stream, again an object came out of that hole that looked like a dick. At the same time Kendall got a call and ended the stream.
  • Kendall posted on her twitter how she now has a private twitter account where people can follow her for cash.
  • Leah posted a photo Sofia sent her the other day. It showed a long object hanging out of the hole off the college Hallway.

31st of October 2019

  • Steven subscribed to Kendall's private Twitter for research purposes and found out that she's posting pictures of her posing with the penis sticking out of the wall. 
  • Students were shook.

View the Album 3rd of November 2019

  • Dustin makes fun of Kendall being all casual at school after she was just posing with a penis and posting it on Twitter.
  • Leah asks Alana for Kendall's number to talk to her privately as she's afraid Kendall might be lonely or feeling dismissed after everyone made fun of her.

4th of November 2019

  • Leah visits Kendall as she was invited for being friendly to her.
  • Kendall shows Leah the gloryhole and the penis hanging out of it. - Leah was uncomfortable and left.

View the album 9th of November 2019

  • - A Twitter account called "The Heirwood Dongler" introduced himself on Twitter claiming to be the guy behind the hole.

12th of November 2019

  • The Heirwood Dongler announced something to happen in the hallway around 1am in the morning.
  • Kira wanted to go and asked Sofia and Leah to come. Both didn't want to.

16th of November 2019

  • Leah didn't want Kira to go alone so she followed her to the gloryhole in the hallway.
  • Kira started to find a liking of the penis but Leah kept being grossed out by it.
  • Leah was getting angry at Kira for "being a bitch" and both started to fight.
  • Leah returned to her Dorm room alone. Kira followed soon afterwards without sharing a word.

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  • Melanie and Steven meet for a gaming night.
  • Steven made a bet with Melanie. Every time Melanie lost a game, she must do things with his dick. This should "encourage" her to win.
  • Melanie lost every time. First she had to look at his dick, then touch it, then have it held against her face, then suck it. Steven accidentally came into her mouth.
  • Melanie didn't seem to mind too much. She is either very careless or has a crush on Steven.

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  • Andrew and Alana text with each other, Alana seems desperately horny.
  • They agree to meet up at Andrew's to make out.

View the album 8th of December 2019

  • Kendall posts a pic of her covered in cum on #📱-twitter and thanks everyone who supporter her last photo shoot.
  • Kendall releases a new album of her posing with the Heirwood Donglers Dongle.

View the album 21th of December 2019

  • Leah got a present from Sofia for christmas. Students wish each other well.
  • Kendall posts an inappropriate Christmas picture of her posing naked in front of a Christmas tree.
  • The Heirwood Dongler posted a dick-pic with a Santa hat and googly eyes photoshopped on.
  • Students were not amused.
  • Leah, Sofia and Kira plan to spend a day on the Beach in their holidays.

25th of December 2019

  • Kira posts cute pictures of the girls trip to the beach.

View the album 27th of December 2019

  • Kira posts a pic of Leah who fell asleep in the middle of a physics class.
  • Leah was not amused, but laughed it away.

1st of January 2020

  • The Heirwood Dongler posts a little poem bragging about his dick size.
  • Violet Robbins pretended to be into it to upset her boyfriend Dustin.
  • Dustin reacts with jealousy while Violet enjoys messing with him.
  • Dustin drags their argument into a private Whatsapp chat.
  • Violet explains that she does it to upset him so he realized how stupid his jealousy is.
  • Dustin is not amused - Violet then makes it up to him by inviting him over for a "special dick treatment"
  • Dustin is amused

View the album 12th of January 2020

  • Kira posts a pic of Leah and Sofia studying making fun of them, only to realize that they're studying for very soon to come test she didn't know about.
  • Kira is not amused.

17th of January 2020

To be continued...