World Of Leah - Timeline

Welcome to the story timeline of the World Of Leah!

If you’re new to the World Of Leah,  you can use this timeline to get a “quick” recap of what happened since it all began in 2019. 

If you’ve been following this project for longer, you can still use it to look up things you might’ve missed or want to remember.

Also, don’t miss the navigational dots on the bottom of your screen to navigate through Chapters & Acts!

Be aware that the timeline is not a complete archive of all my social media posts but only includes the key posts and events that happened which are relevant to the story.


Posts that are not story relevant have been left out, but you can still check them all out via this Twitter List:

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Twitter Accounts

Chapter 1 - Act 1

Chapter 1 - Act 2

Chapter 1 - Act 3

Chapter 1 - Act 4

Chapter 2 - Act 1

Chapter 2 - Act 2

To be continued ...

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