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Chapter 1 - Act 1


We are in the wonderful fictional city of Heirwood Falls, Humboldt County, California, USA.

Nothing irregular has happened so far.

Students are visiting the Heirwood College.

A lot of college freshmen started this year.

25th of October 2019

Out for "glory"

- Someone drilled a hole through a wall in one of the Heirwood College hallways. Reason's unknown.

26th of October 2019

What the hell...?

Leah Benneth heard drilling noises at night inside the girls dormitory.

27th of October 2019

"Nothing to worry about"

In a livestream of Kendall Greene, viewers noticed a black dot in the background of her room.

People were tweeting and speculating that it's another hole in a wall that magically appeared.

Kendall addressed the hole but couldn't explain how it got there. She thinks that she and her roommate Alana "just haven't noticed it so far."

28th of October 2019


Steven Grant re-watched Kendalls livestream and found an object that was either laying in front of that hole or was coming out of that hole that wasn't there before.

Another Twitter discussion broke loose and students started to get scared. Kendall's real feelings towards the situation are hard to determine as she tries to play the situation down.

Alana got so freaked out about the situation that she'll spend the nights in Annie Dillard's room.

28th of October 2019

"That's a penis!"

In Kendall's live stream, again an object came out of that hole that looked like a dick. At the same time Kendall got a call and ended the stream.

Kendall posted on her twitter how she now has a private twitter account where people can follow her for money.

Leah posted a photo Sofia sent her the other day. It showed a long object hanging out of the hole off the college Hallway.

31st of October 2019

Dicks out for Kendall

Steven subscribed to Kendall's private Twitter for "research purposes" and found out that she's posting pictures of her posing with the penis sticking out of the wall. (Album: Kendall's Secret)

Students were shook.

To the album (free)3rd of November 2019

Why so... casual?

Dustin makes fun of Kendall being all casual at school after she was just posing with a penis and posting it on Twitter.

4th of November 2019

The Heirwood Dongler

A Twitter account called "@HeirwoodDongler" introduced himself claiming to be the guy behind the hole.

Students were confused.

12th of November 2019

Kendall's Beginnings

Kendall posts a pic of her covered in cum on Twitter and thanked everyone who supported her on her private Twitter account.

Kendall releases a new album of her posing with the Heirwood Dongler. (Album: Kendall's Secret 2)

To the album (free)21th of December 2019

A weird Christmas

Kendall posts an inappropriate Christmas picture of her posing naked in front of a Christmas tree.

The Heirwood Dongler posted a dick-pic with a Santa hat and googly eyes photoshopped on.

Students were not amused.

25th of December 2019

Chapter 1 - Act 2

Milking Dustin

The Heirwood Dongler posts a little poem bragging about his dick size.

Violet Robbins pretended to be into it to upset her boyfriend Dustin.

Dustin reacts with jealousy while Violet enjoys messing with him.

Dustin drags their argument into a private WhatsApp chat.

Violet explains that she does it to upset him so he realized how stupid his jealousy is.

Dustin is not amused

Violet then makes it up to him by inviting him over for a "special dick treatment" (Album: Milking Dustin)

Dustin is amused

To the album: Milking Dustin12th of January 2020

Gloryhole Obsession

Kendall posted her third album: Gloryhole Obsession.

To the album: Gloryhole Obsession27th of January 2020


Kira asked Leah to switch beds with her. Reasons: Unknown.


6th of February 2020

Ah, that's why.

Turns out, the awkwardly placed poster on the wall next to Kira's new bed was a cover for a hole that the Dongler drilled into the wall.

Kira met up with the Dongler for the first time on the night of the 15th of March 2020. (Album: Night Time Secret)

To the album: Night Time Secret15th of March 2020

Big Dicks on Cam

Melanie and Steven hung out together. 

Melanie visted a webcam site called "WoLmegle" and got connected to a random stranger with his dick out.

To tease him, Melanie started playing with Steven's dick until the situation ejaculated escalated. (Album: Big Dicks on Cam)

To the album: Big Dicks on Cam23rd of April 2020

[META] New style of social media posts

Previously, "Twitter" was just a channel on my Discord on which my characters talked with each other with their own Discord accounts.

This however eventually lead to problems as some of them got banned by Discord for security reasons (To be fair, yes ~12 Discords account handled by one person is kinda sus).

On top of that, managing 12 Discord accounts was also somewhat inconvenient.

The new style was to use a fake-tweet generator to make it seem like these characters are actually on Twitter.

13th of May 2020

Violet's Morning Routine

Violet picked up drunk Dustin from a party after they had a fight on WhatsApp.

In the morning, Violet was horny and started pleasing still passed out Dustin until he woke up. (Album: Violet's Morning Routine)

To the album: Violet's Morning Routine6th of June 2020

Big dick bragging rights

The next day, Violet bragged about her boyfriends huge cock to Annie. Annie was amused.

Violet and Annie planned on going urban exploring - so Violet convinced Annie to head out with her and Dustin sometime soon and use this opportunity to show her his cock in real life. (Mini Album: Curious Annie)

To the mini album: Curious Annie7th of June 2020

Me, myself and a penis

Kendall announced that she moved out of the girls dorm to her own apartment, financed by all the support she got on her "private" Twitter account.


11th of June 2020

A new apartment needs a new hairstyle

Kendall decided it's time for a new haircut.

20th of June 2020


Kendall tries to talk Leah into meeting the Dongler. Leah doesn't want to know anything about it.

9th of July 2020

Huge Cocks Cum First

Kendall released her first album in her new apartment. 

Story: "Kendall hosts a livestream in her new apartment that has a build-in gloryhole for the infamous “Heirwood Dongler”. If Kendall is known for one thing, it’s her absolute commitment to pleasing her audience - so even when she makes the huge cock of the Dongler cum prematurely, it doesn’t mean the show is over…"

To the album: Huge Cocks Cum First18th of July 2020


Now that Kendall moved out of her and Alana's previous dorm room, Alana moves back in (as she was living in Annie & Melanies dorm room for some time due to the Dongler "incident").

Unfortunately, her post on Twitter in which she announced it, showed a Dildo in the background. Alana was not amused, but students were.


22nd of July 2020

No, Kendall!

Kendall again tries to talk Leah into becoming interested in the Dongler. This just made Leah even more stubborn.

Read More29th of July 2020

Chapter 1 - Act 3

[META] The first real Twitter account

For a test, I created Kendall a real Twitter account to see if it would be viable to tell the story this way. At the time I was concerned that Twitter might flag me for spam (like Discord did) for operating multiple accounts. However, it turned out that Twitter has no issues with multiple accounts and even supports this as a feature.

Kendall's Twitter Account9th of August 2020

F's in chat

Alana's boyfriend Andrew broke up with her. She thinks it's because she wasn't good enough in bed.

1st of September 2020

How to please cock

After Alana's Dildo was "leaked" and her boyfriend broke up with her, she contacted Kendall in hope to get some professional help when it comes to handling dicks.

Story: "Alana's boyfriend Andrew broke up with her because Alana wasn't good enough in bed. After Kendall heard about it she quickly offered Alana help in one thing, and one thing only: How to please cock."

To the album: How to please cocks2nd of September 2020

[META] More characters on real Twitter

After Kendall's Twitter account was a success, I introduced more characters on the real Twitter, eventually bringing all but Violet to the platform.

I also created a list that you can bookmark or follow which shows all the characters and what they post.

List of WoL Characters on TwitterSeptember 2020

Birthday With Benefits - Part 1

The biggest album to date released: Birthday With Benefits - Part 1. It features Annie and Keith and also introduced Allison Mandoza. The album includes 137 unique pictures in 4k.

Story: "Annie and Allison didn't know each other until their friend Keith invited them to his little birthday party consisting out of only him and these two girls. A catfight between Annie and Allison was imminent, but before it escalated, Allison came up with the idea of playing strip- spin the bottle.  

The later the evening, the naughtier the game got until both girls decided to give Keith the best birthday present of his life... ultimate pleasure."

To the album: Birthday With Benefits - Part 117th of September 2020

A job for Annabelle Parker

Kendall wanted to do something special for Halloween, so she contacted a local model for a Halloween themed Photoshoot. 

The model, Annabelle Parker, accepted but Kendall didn't reveal all the details.

29th of October 2020

Halloween... more like... Hello Wiener

Story: "Kendall was looking on the internet for another girl to have a photo shoot with to have some Halloween themed content for her fan base! Annabelle reacted to her ad but had no idea what she was getting into. Kendall's clear goal: Capturing the beauty of a girl worshiping cock and thus teaching Annabelle how to properly do it!"

To the album: Cock Worship LessonsOctober 31st 2020

Dating isn't easy

After being single for a while, Alana decided to go Dating - which didn't turn out to be a great idea in the end.

Annie's Tweet about the situation7th of November 2020


For a few times now, Kendall tried to talk Leah into meeting the Dongler. On Kendall's birthday, she tried again by sending Leah a picture of the Dongler with a party hat on. It didn't work.

To the Tweet11th of November 2020


Kendall posted a challenge and hoped for others to play along: #PenisPlayChallenge. She also tagged fellow gamer girl @PickaxeDiamondX (Melanie Clark).

While not all were amused, surprisingly Melanie dared to play along.

To Kendall's Tweet14/15th of November 2020

Kira being secretive

As Leah was always very dismissive when Kira tried to talk with her about dicks, she didn't fail to notice Melanie being surprisingly open to them. So she messaged her and asked if she could share a secret with her in person.

To the Tweet16th of November 2020

Kira's "Secret" [Casual Album]

Story: "Kira needed someone to talk about her secret of having a hole for the Dongler inside of her dorm room. She asks Melanie to come over who she believes to be the perfect friend to tell about that given Melanie has an image of not really caring about many things."

The album includes 18 pics.

Even after Kira asked Melanie to tell no one, on the same day  Melanie shows a selfie of her posing with the Dongler to Steven.

To the casual album: Kira's Secret17th of November 2020

Goodbye Sofia

It is Sofia's last day in Heirwood Falls as her parents are moving away to another state and Sofia sees this as an opportunity to transfer to a fancier college.

On her last weekend in Heirwood Falls, she and the girls took a hiking trip together.

To the Tweet17h of November 2020

Chapter 1 - Act 4

Lily Walker

After looking for a new roommate after Sofia moved out, the girls met Lily Walker, an old friend of Sofia's who she recommended to ask.

Lily was going to the Heirwood Falls college as well but was still living at her parents house. The girls never met previously as they were studying vastly different things and Lily was also a year behind.

To the Tweet29th of November 2020

N i c e

Lily moved in nicely.

To the Tweet2nd of December 2020

Oh hey (:

It didn't take long for Kendall to notice Lily as she was similarly keen to gaming and also live-streaming.

Kendall introduced herself to Lily with the goal to convince her to also do lewd stuff on cam for views and possibly even a collab with Kendall.

Lily was confused.

To the Tweet4th of December 2020


As Christmas was coming up, Kira asked Lily if she'd be willing help finance a "special" Christmas present for Leah: A huge dildo.

To the Tweet12th of December 2020

You've got a friend in me

In mid-december 2020, Kendall and Lily met up a few times as Kendall wanted to get to know her better and saw a potential friend in her. 

To the TweetDecember 2020


For the first time, Lily realises that Kendall was never joking when she talked about an enormous cock with which she plays around during her streams.

Lily was confused.

To the Tweet19th of December 2020

Surprise! It's a penis

It's Christmas and the girls give Leah her special present. Leah is not amused, but the girls are.

To the Mini-Album: Christmas Special25th of December 2020

Birthday With Benefits - Part 2

The awaited sequel of Birthday With Benefits - Part 1 finally arrived in late december! 

Story: "Allison and Annie are staying overnight in the camper of Keith. While Keith already had a good amount of fun once, the girls are still not quite pleased, yet."

To the Album: Birthday With Benefits - Part 226th of December 2020


After Leah's Christmas present prank was such a "success", Kira started to enjoy to have someone to talk to who wasn't so prude when it comes to dicks.

Kira and Lily talked about Leah being so weird about them but Kira also suggests that Leah might be secretly into it.

To the Tweet12th of January 2021

Alana being brave

Seeing how well Annie is doing after she opened up more sexually, Alana too wants to be a little bit more brave.

To the Tweet27th of January 2021

A Hand for a Handjob

Story: "Alana forgot to prepare a presentation she has to hold in just a few days. She desperately asks the biggest geek of her class: Josh (to be introduced) to help her out.

Josh is not comfortable with that idea but with a bit of persuasion by offering him a Handjob in exchange, Josh gives in."

The album includes 67 pictures.


To the Album: A Hand for a Handjob10th of February 2021

Chapter 2 - Act 1

"It's pink and has art in it"

Kendall shows off her living room area.

To the Tweet3rd of February 2021

Cum for Nature [Album]

Kendall held a charity livestream in which she milked the Dongler on stream and then used the donations of her fans to donate to a charity that plants trees.

The album includes 50 pics.

To the Album: Cum for Nature12th of March 2021

Kendall's big moment

The local news of Heirwood Falls picked up on Kendall's charity event and interviewed her and the Dongler in-person.

To the Tweet22nd of March 2021

A Night of Dares [Album]

Story: "Melanie and Steven are not only best friends, but also famous for daring each other in silly Minecraft bets. Steven is well aware of Melanie's lack of skills, so when Melanie attempts to speedrun the game, Steven comes up with naughty dares for each time Melanie dies ingame."

To the Album: A Night of Dares9th of April 2021

Lewd Camping [Album]

Story: "Violet, Dustin and Annie are going camping! Violet, as forward as she is, starts bragging about Dustin's huge cock which ends up becoming the main topic of the evening. It doesn't take long until Violet whips out Dustin's huge cock to play with it as Annie watches."

To the Album: Lewd CampingNov 09, 2017

[META] The big social media gap

Between March and June I had somewhat of a creative burnout when it came to creating social media content for my characters.

I used the month of May and part of June to get back on track, planned out the story until 2022 and made up my mind about mid- and long-term plans for all characters.

Read MoreMarch - June 2021

Allison at the NightHouse

Allison took a side-job as a waitress in a local club called the NightHouse. She'll be working there on most weekends.

To the Tweet20th of June 2021

A Night at the Glory Hole

Annie and Alana wanted to do something adventurous together. Through a tip that Annie got from a good friend, they discovered that a club in town opened up a fancy glory hole in it's basement. While Annie was eager to milk some cocks, Alana still needed some persuasion, but eventually decided to come along.

To the Album11th of July 2021

Art Of Submission

Annabelle got contacted by a new local adult magazine for a (well paying) photoshoot with a very sexual theme. The magazine wants the photo-shoot to portrait the contrast between the two extremes of femininity and masculinity. (Meaning a very feminine Model (Annabelle) being confronted with huge cocks.)

To the Album9th of August 2021

Leah's new haircut

Kira revealed Leah's new Haircut after Leah held it a secret from Twitter for over a month.

To the Tweet14th of August 2021

Lily's 19th Birthday

Lily had her 19th birthday and got a weird but at the same time wholesome gift from Kendall.

A home-made plush penis.

To the Tweet14th of August 2021

Album: Edged Cocks Cum Harder

Kendall Greene did another charity livestream in which she was milking the Dongler. 

But this time, instead of making him cum as much as possible like she did in “Cum for Nature”, she’s planning to do quite the opposite. Edging his pumped and throbbing cock for as long as possible until he can’t hold it back anymore.

To spice things up she not only came up with some creative ideas on how to edge the soul out of him, but also convinced Lily Walker, another college student who tries to become successful with her streaming career, to be her assistant for the day in return for a shout-out. After being hesitant at first, Lily eventually agreed to help Kendall out with the Livestream.


To the Album9th of September 2021

Lily Tweets about the Charity-Stream

It has been quite surprising for Lily's fellow students to hear that she has partaken in the porn-charity stream of Kendall Greene.

In a Tweet, Lily acknowledged to have been part of the stream and stated that she doesn't know yet if she'll make "this kind of content" (porn) on her channel as well in the future.

Lily also said that she stands by her choice of streaming with Kendall, implying that she does not regret a thing.

To the Tweet11th of September 2021

Annie, Keith, Steven & Melanie plan a roadtrip

Annie and Keith want to go on a roadtrip but Keith's camper broke down last minute.

Annie then asked on Twitter if someone want to join their roadtrip if they could provide a camper.

Steven answered the Tweet saying that his parents have a camper that they could use. Later in a chat session Melanie also decided to come along.

Read the full chat16th of September 2021

Kendall offers Lily to move in with her

Lily is insecure on how to progress with her career as a streamer.

After Kendall's charity stream she gained a lot more followers who expect to see something lewd. Lily isn't against that idea but her current living situation in the dorm room of Leah & Kira makes it almost impossible to go that route.

Out of nowhere Kendall makes Lily an offer that could get rid of these problems.

Read the full chat12th of October

Chapter 2 - Act 2

Lily & Kendall's "Art Project"

On Halloween 2021, Lily & Kendall prepared an "art project" for which they put up a coffin outside of the girls dorm that has the Dongler inside of it - naturally with his huge cock swinging on the outside.

In their own words: "It's supposed to provoke thought about how life is too short to be prude about sexual stuff and we should all just be open about it".

The two get a few unexpected guests that make the evening a lot more eventful than they originally thought!

To the Tweet31st of October

Leah opens up (?)

Kira & Leah visited Lily & Kendall's stand on Halloween. While Leah was obviously shook by seeing the Dongler hang out of the coffin, Kira was able to make her realize how exhausting she can be to everyone else by always becoming offended as soon as someone brings up something sexual.

This marks the first time Leah has willingly looked at a cock without freaking out and even watched it getting jerked off by Kira.

While Leah is still on the fence about the whole thing, she realized that it's not the end of the world and that she might have to work on her attitude.

To the Album31st of October

Lily's first lewd Stream

Lily moved into Kendall's apartment and claimed her new room!

Soon after she starts her first lewd stream by herself with the Dongler! To celebrate this special occasion, she was taking requests from her chat telling her what to do with him.

To the Album11th of January

Annabelles second adult photoshoot

Annabelle was hired for yet another adult photoshoot. This time she was posing with a big black cock.

To the Album9th of March

Leah's time at the glory hole

Leah at the glory hole? Yes! But how?

Annie invited a couple of her friends to party with her in the NightHouse club in town, renowned for it's stylish glory hole rooms.

While not everyone is aware of these rooms, Annie knows the deal. A bit tipsy and definitely horny, she tricks Kira & Leah to continue the party "downstairs" with her.

Little did they know what they were getting into.

To the Album20th of June

Leah jerked off a cock at the glory holes

After Annie and Kira were edging one of the cocks for over half an hour and made Leah watch, her empathy took over and relieved the poor guy by giving him the last few strokes that he needed.

There was a big shock between all three girls and Leah seemed confused of what to make of this situation. 

To the Album20th of June

The Shlongler

There's a new dick in town. At the glory holes, the girls discovered the biggest cock they've ever seen - much bigger than even the Dongler.

He's called the Shlongler and rumored to be "uncummable".

To the Album20th of June

Leah opens up to Lily

After the glory hole events on the 20th of June and Leah's first empathy-handjob - Leah finally get's the courage to open up a little and tell Lily about what she did - but Lily has to keep it as a secret!

Leah also sends Lily a photo of the Shlongler...

To the Tweet17th of July

To be continued ...

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